POEA implements new online systems

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is set to launch new
online systems for use by licensed recruitment and manning agencies.
Starting May 1, 2018, all licensed recruiters requesting for contract
processing and documentation of their hired workers and seafarers shall
use the newly developed e-Contracts System which replaced the e-Submit

The new systems, aptly called Landbased e-Contracts System (LBECS) and
Seabased e-Contracts System (SBECS) are secured web-based facilities
developed for recruitment and manning agencies with valid license for their
request for processing (RFP), payment of government fees, submission of
contracts and printing of overseas employment certificate (OEC).

The POEA also launched in March 2018 the new e-Registration System for
agency-hired workers and seafarers. The new registration system will
provided newly hired workers and seafarers with unique registration
numbers which will link his personal profile to their respective e-Contract

The new systems and the guidelines and procedure for their proper use are
accessible at https://eservices.poea.gov.ph.


(Ref: http://poea.gov.ph/news/2018/PR_April%202018_eContracts.pdf)