Beware of job scammers on Facebook

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration reiterates its warning on the
proliferation of fake overseas jobs posted by scammers on Facebook and other job

Scammers post on Facebook pages supposed vacancies of international
companies for various positions. The job offer includes high salary, free
transportation, free food and accommodation, high overtime pay rate, paid
vacation leave and other benefits. However, applicants are required to pay for
expenses allegedly for processing of documents including visa or work permit.
The POEA recently received queries from several job applicants about “Now Hiring
Work Abroad 2018”, a public group on Facebook with advertisements offering
alleged jobs in Canada, United States, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, United
Kingdom and other developed countries. The ads entice readers to email their
resume to a job portal.

An applicant said he received an email informing him that his application for
United Kingdom has been approved but was advised to deposit within 48 hours
the amount of Php9,800.00 for visa fee to an account in a Philippine bank.
Any job offer through e-mail and social media which requires payment of fees for
seminar, documentation, and processing of visa and other travel documents is a
sure sign of a scam. POEA advises applicants to validate the authenticity of job
offers with the POEA through its verification system at, hotlines
7221144 and 7221155, and POEA mobile phone application which is downloadable
via Google Play or Apple’s App Store. /END