Language training centers prohibited from advertising overseas jobs

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration advised applicants for
overseas jobs to be wary of language training centers that promise enrollees ‘sure
employment’ upon finishing the language course.

Language training centers have no license or authority to recruit Filipino workers,
hence they are prohibited from advertising overseas job vacancies.

Some training centers have been posting advertisements in the social media
enticing enrollees with supposed jobs in Korea, Japan and Germany.

Training centers offering language courses flourished after the three countries
started hiring Filipino workers which require proficiency in their respective language.
Applicants for factory workers in South Korea under the Employment Permit System
have to pass the Test on Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK). Passing the TOPIK, however,
is not a guarantee that the worker will get immediate employment in Korea. Those
who passed the Korean language test must also hurdle the skills test and selection
by a Korean employer.

Under the Philippines-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (PJEPA) Labor
Agreement, candidate nurses and care workers are required to undertake the 6-
month Preparatory Japanese Language Training (PJLT). The Language Skills Institute
of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) conducts the
language training for free. Candidates will undergo another 6-month language
training in Japan.

Germany’s Triple Win Project has been recruiting Filipino nurses who have prior
knowledge of the German language or is willing to undergo German language
training in the Philippines to attain B1 language proficiency level in accordance with
the common Europe Framework of Reference of Languages. The Goethe Institut and
Berlitz Language Center are the only authorized training entities for the Triple Win
Project. /END